BTC Adder 2015 Gateway Announcement

Today, we would like to inform each reader of this blog including the insiders and existing users that the BTC Adder Gateway was formally open, so orders from that end are highly welcomed, no more software, no more masked connections, no more longevity issues of any sort among other issues.


If you are and existing client...
Starting Monday, the initialization of the system software platform you have will immediately open a new window browser under your default browser on your PC, from there you will be asked with to configure your settings and the platform will register your PC automatically for you, without having to worry about proper networking and all other related concerns to MAC Address and computer system tied up to system. 

After it has configure and your computer was registered, you use as usual, it would be as easy as logging in to facebook, however only using your given and computer based generated access code. 
Given you are an existing clients.

All other increments will be slowly migrated.

If you are an incoming client...
Starting Monday as well, an incoming client won't have to go with forwarding the usual information such as computer name, computer MAC Address, and you won't have to worry about any other masked connections mark ups as these are already solved by BTC Gateway's.

So as incoming client, you are only ask to have your package processed, and the information generated will be used to customize your overall platform total of increments.

The same package information, periods, and duration are applied.

All other migration will slowly shared as they progress.
Thank you.

PayPal Money 2015 Adder And BTC Adder 2015 Considerations And Trust Issues.

Today, we would like to quickly share some important matters before posting in the coming days some of the changes that we are heeding in to.

As a general rule, we would like to emphasize the following once again.

It is  very important to note that, the system is not doing any real hacking to paypal system whatsoever, the term "HACK" and "PAYPAL MONEY" adder are coined term on the fact that we can legally exploit growing numbers of CPA offers online and earn money thru PayPal as payment without having to undergo manual work.

Due to saturated SCAM claims on the terms MONEY ADDER, PAYPAL MONEY ADDER 2015, BTC ADDER 2015, among many others, we are receiving a lot of inquiries but are in fact skeptical in engaging a certain transaction so we thought that it would be great if we have the following information in place before contacting us.

By understanding all the points below, we would be able to actually save time, and you could save time as well.

Before, trying to contact us, please read the following.

1. If you can't trust the market, you don't have to contact us, we are full of tire-kickers already.
2. If you don't have full confidence over the platform and is directly cannot trust us for any other reason that you may have, we don't recommend you to make any transactions with us.
3. Finally, if you don't trust the platform or any other matters to this regard, Paypal Money Adder 2015,  BTC Adder 2015 among others, you don't have to recommend us to anybody.

We hope that the 3 points above will help you.

As with any other business, we have points that we needed to fix to cater more clients and to satisfy each and every client, irregardless of status, incoming, old, or reversals. So we're making this migration for everybody to have comfortable investing.

In the coming days or weeks, all transactions we have will be put on masked connections, so existing clients will no longer see an automated transactions but payments are directly pushed to your accounts, and has to be requested to secure that nobody is cheating the system.

We will post more about this on Monday...

Thank you.