Recent PayPal Money Adder 2014 Questions And Answer

Dated: Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 12:37 PM
Occurrence: Re: A message from your contact form

So can I add these funds to my real paypal account or do I make a fake account and then add?

Yes, you can add these funds to you real account with 100% confidence that it's safe and guaranteed.
You do not need to Create a fake account. Also, fake accounts with large balance are usually freeze by paypal of up to 180 days.

How long do it take you to send software after I send you the money?

It takes maximum 10 minutes, However, it will usually be delivered 5-7 days after the ordered occured.
Or you can pay for more if you want it sooner. If you want it Within 2 days for example, you'll just have to advise and we'll assign a dedicated coder for you.

 Paypal How will detect it for tax purposes?

The reality of the situation is the software does not do real hacking, it only automates affiliates and CPA offers made available by CPA networks Largest blamads Such as, our neverblue others. So with that said, after an offer was automated, the payments are pushed Directly assigned to a paypal account and an automatic split commissioning will occur as well, this way, we make money as well. Since it's CPA Offers, paypal, Directly will deduct it in every transactions.

 How long is this software good for?

The software has been running smoothly since inception on 2009. Therefore, this could be permanent, given,
we are able to fight back breaches. Which we are able to handle properly.

 Is the software compatible with Windows 7 64bit?

Yes, it is. It is all compatible on all computers. However, if you want to use higher limits software.
you wanted to upgrade your computer later on.

We now Accepting New Orders! Australian Orders Controlled.


Please be informed that we now accepting new orders. Our issues with paypal has been fixed, and or server and database control issues has been fixed as well.

To all who are sending me emails, inquiring about new order acceptance. Please be informed that we are able to accept more orders. However, orders from Australia will be controlled as the hacker of our system was traced back in Australia.

For all other inquiries of real paypal money adder and or perfect money adder.
Please contact me using the form.