December 2014 Update About the System.

Until today, it is not clear to everyone still that the software doesn't do any real hacking to paypal system or database. It is not clear to everyone still that what the software does is that it simply automates affiliate offers, thanks to hard coding and networking skills of the coders.

Please understand that the system DOESN'T AND WILL NEVER DO NO ANY REAL HACKING.
It is just a matter of automation that make work like hacking.

For this month, temporary copies are very common due to large orders and high increments. And while we cannot satisfy everyone, I feel so sorry to those who are requesting to reverse the transaction. As per reversed transaction, all will normally take 10 business days but sometimes could take 20 -30 days depending on transaction.

The very purpose of temporary copies are to recoup funds, then renew an order. That's all there's to it.
This is by far the best option rather than blocking.

To those incoming orders, if you wish to proceed with temporary copies, please let me know.
To those who are still pending, please confirm your cancellation.

Thank you.

What Makes PayPal Money Adder Legal? Are They Even Real?

To many, PayPal Money adder are still fake. It is simple because they are being faked
with those providers who try to play them with affiliate offers or survey offers that needs to be completed prior to getting the supposed keys to make the software work. The reality of the situation is that, IT WILL NEVER UNLOCKED, as there is no definite key provided instead  in the end, will return you nothing, but offer after offer.

Now this is very true on all out there. 
So you  might ask, what makes this system really different from others? 
As some of you might already forgotten, let me reiterate the following.

1.  We exploit affiliate and CPA offers made available by CPA and Affiliate Networks and push payments to PayPal accounts, meaning their is real transactions occurring in real time, wherein everyone gets paid, in this case, the following occurs.

             A. PayPal Takes Fees on every transaction.
             B. The Holder of the Account Makes Money After fees charged by PayPal.
2. More users of the automation software, paypal / payza money adder, more opportunity to exploit CPA and affiliate offers, as it will provide more IP's. Yes it is hacking, but we are making real money, in real time without having any issues with the payment processor, in this case, PayPal and Payza.

3. We are not hacking PayPal Database: Some are claiming to be hacking paypal's database which is impossible. Really, if there's a way to hack paypal's DB then chances are, we won't be selling the automation copy in public, instead, will continue the work on penetrating the supposed leak or loophole. But it's non-existent, and so this is by the far the best and legal way - automating CPA and affiliate  transaction, and use PayPal as the gateway. Easy.

As easy as 1,2 ,3 these makes the whole entire thing of PayPal / Payza money Adder.

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Thank you and have a great day!