We Don't/ Offer / Sell / Support Any Perfect Money Adder, anymore.

Lately, a lot of you are asking if you can purchase perfect money adder from us, so today, I thought it would be a great and perfect timing to explain in detail as to why we don't offer, sell, or support Perfect Money Adder.

First, Perfect Money Adder is not even legal, we offer it before, and it is solely dependent on HYIP Offers, or High Yield Investment Program which is highly volatile and speculative as the administrators could shutdown the program at any time, at any rate.

Although there are almost hundreds of new HYIP programs  that are running on a daily basis, the win-win rate is close to unprofitable methods. So rather than trying to masked and do the hard coding perfect money adder software, splitter or any other name tags you have heard of, it would rather be stopped, as in the end, Perfect Money authorities could block your account any time soon as well when this kind of irregular activities will tracked down, knowing all these are done automatically, swelling Perfect Money Account's in a non-sense rate..

Some still insist to use the software, if given you are one of them, then it would be under your own responsibility, and there are surely  huge risk involved.

Now, if you want to ask if we offer or sell them, I think it is safe to say that it is all up to you if you want.
But remember that we have already told you the underlying risk involved on your part when using these kind of software. They can't last for months as well, sometimes they can only last for 7 days or sometimes less before the account was completely frozen by PM Authorities.

Hope this helps.

The System Software Tagged as PayPal Money Adder cannot solve CAPTCHA...

What is CAPTCHA? 

COMPLETELY AUTOMATED PUBLIC TURING TEST TO TELL COMPUTERS AND HUMAN APART OR "CAPTCHA" is  a test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human... Refer to.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CAPTCHA

It is very important to discuss that the system software tagged as PayPal Money Adder cannot solve CAPTCHA because there seems to be confusion on the statement that the system software will do the 95% work but the other 5% workload should be done by the end user. ( REFERENCE... 6. NOT About Quick and easy money, but rather...  )

Basically, the system software tagged as PayPal Money Adder : Payza Money Adder, is a robot that automates a certain transaction, that means that it is not intelligent enough nor design  to solve CAPTCHA so end users must be there to solve this issue given they are interested on acquiring the overall limit of a certain system software or the overall transactions available which are offered in increment.


It is imperative to understand that  since the transaction involves money, other information  such as verifying if you are human or not are some of the most essential parts in automating transactions offered by different networks. As you know, this was offered in public, since it is very impossible to host all require information that the a certain network or offer requires from the end user or the target leads according to demographic requirements.

So finally, CAPTCHA is that important to everyone.


If given for example, that you can't stand all day solving and confirming all CAPTCHA's you can basically upgrade order but it would also prolong the delivery date of the order as necessary measures will be applied to be sure that it would all be working and will not  eventually drive to multiple errors of input that result to blocking some of the networks.

By now, I hope it is clear to everyone, who's concern was more of how much work do we have to work with the system software tagged as PayPal Money Adder ; Payza Money Adder, which is currently legal this 2015 as well.

If you are new to this feel free to browse thru pages for more information.

Yes some or most of the information that we have are too good to be true but remember that there are also work that needs to be done by end user, therefore, again, as I have been emphasizing this isn't a get-rick-quick scheme.

Thank you.